Our tranquillity soon to be shattered by aircraft noise

We all enjoyed the tranquillity of lockdown without the constant roar of aircraft from Heathrow airport. Sadly, this is already coming to an end as Heathrow’s flight schedule resumes, with movements set to reach 45% of normal operations in July and then continue to steadily rise during 2020.

Unfortunately for those of us in the Iver area (and others north of the airport) we can expect to receive much more noise in the coming weeks as Heathrow transfers all its operations to the northern runway whilst it carries out repairs to the southern runway.

For the next 3 weeks or so from Monday 13 July all aircraft will depart and arrive from the northern runway, both day and night every day, without respite.

Whilst the southern runway will then reopen for daytime flights, all night flight between 7pm and 7am will continue to operate from the northern runway at least through to October, and potentially beyond.

We already hear aircraft noise from the airport and periodic ‘go-arounds’ (diverted overhead flights) and this can at times be very loud, lasting many weeks. It will only be worse with an intensification of aircraft operations on the northern runway.

The Richings Park Residents’ Association has been striving for many years to get Heathrow to acknowledge how much we are affected, so that our area is included in any noise compensation scheme, which so far we have been unfairly excluded from. We need to change this. We can change this, by making our voices heard whenever the noise becomes unreasonably loud.

We must report these noise disturbances directly to Heathrow using their online form whenever the noise becomes very loud either from planes in the air or noise directly from the airport. It only takes a few minutes and the more of us that report the noise, the more likely Heathrow will investigate. This is our chance, please don’t waste it.

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