Planned closure of Hollow Hill Lane

21 July 2020: Local buiness oners - we particularly need to know howyou were impacted when Hollow Hill Lane was closed. Please email Wendy Matthews at:

19 June 2020: Remember when Hollow Hill Lane was closed (Aug 2016 for 18 Months) and the dire impact it had on road traffic in RP and Iver? Well, Network Rail has now made its application to close Hollow Hill Lane on a permanent basis to allow for the WRATH development. Originally Network Rail promised to realign the road to keep it open, but now they have reneged on their promise. Many of us gave our views on this at their roadshow in Feb/March 2016, but they didn’t take our views on board; nor have they explained why they didn’t take this impact into consideration. This is the only time we were consulted before Network Rail finalised their plans.

We now have a chance to put our views forward to the planning inspector and tell them just how bad the traffic was with the road closed, in anticipation of influencing the planning decision. We are not opposed to the WRATH development – we just don’t want Hollow Hill Lane to be closed permanently with yet more traffic impact in our villages. Netwrok Rail needs to provide adequate mitigation for the closure and our view is there needs to be a replacement road. Traffic counts in North Park road in October 2016 showed an increase of 350% on June 2016 (based on 5 day average traffic counts) - these counts were undertake by South Bucks and Slough councils before and after the road closure.

You can help! We need to know about your experiences when the road was closed and how you were affected, eg increased journey times, traffic congestion at key locations, effects on businesses, school buses delayed etc; as well as any feedback you gave to Network Rail. We need to be able demonstrate the lack of consultation with the community and taking no account of the impact on them. Councillor Wendy Matthews will collate your experiences and will prepare an impact assessment for our community to send to the planning inspector. Please send your responses by email to Wendy at:

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