RPRA Chairman's Report 2020

PDF version can be downloaded here


Due to the on-going issues we are facing with the covid-19 virus, the AGM originally scheduled for April has been postponed. Once things have settled down, we will set a new date and publicise it.


Neighbourhood Watch CCTV and ANPR Project

This went live during the year and at the time of writing, 18 incidents were tracked and reported to the police. The key guys behind this initiative, Tony Hill and Savi Arora, were given volunteer awards by the Parish Council. We encourage all residents to sign up to Richings Park Neighbourhood Watch. Find out more and contribute to fundraising for project expansion by emailing: RPsmartville@gmail.com

Iver Station

The station upgrade is now complete and went into use on January 1st 2020.

Station Car Park

Proposals for the new car park passed through Planning. However, work to build and operate it has run into many delays. A temporary ban on the worst parking was put into effect as a stop-gap but this will expire in July. Talks are underway to determine what happens next.

Heathrow Rangers

They have been working around the shopping parade and the Residents Garden keeping things tidy and doing a good job. They have been redeployed due to the COVID19 situation and the Richings Park Gardening Team team are now looking after the garden, as well as all of the verges and common grassed areas thanks to grants from Bucks Council.

Heathrow, 3rd Runway

This is now in suspense since the Appeal Court verdict. Staff have been laid off and nothing is coming forth to the communities. Heathrow have been given permission to appeal against this verdict and we await to see whether they will be successful or not. Even if they do succeed, the plans for extension are most likely to be shelved for quite some time until aviation picks up.

We have had a noise monitor installed at Richings Park Golf Club but analysed results are yet to be obtained.

Highways Update: Speeding

Road calming measures do not prevent dangerous driving or speeding. Only speeding tickets or prosecutions have any effect. There are not enough police traffic officers, but we residents can fill the gap. Consider being trained to operate our Community Speed Watch device. Become part of a team who work to keep all of us safe on the road. If a vehicle is “captured” by a Community Speed Watch, a letter is generated from the Police Computer warning them of this. If 3 letters are generated for the same vehicle then a home visit is triggered. Drivers cannot be prosecuted on this type of evidence. For further information, please contact: chairman@richingspark.com

Kingfisher Gardens

Thanks go to Alan Barratt who funds a groundsman to look after this asset and keep it in check.

Richings Park Events Team

The team has continued promoting social connections and community spirit. The fireworks night was revived last year and enjoyed by all, as was the Summer Ball, Halloween and Christmas Party. Watch out for future events once things get back to normal.

Who Are We?

RPRA is a non-profit organisation of local residents from Richings Park and Thorney. We are all volunteers. A list of Committee members and Road Stewards is on the RPRA website and on the RPRA Noticeboard next to the Residents’ Garden. The date of our next meeting is on our website and on our Noticeboard.

Get In Touch

Regular updates with important local information are posted on this website. Day by day updates may be found on the Richings Park Village Action Group Facebook page and on Twitter. There is now also a WhatsApp group. Each month there is a report in the local publication: ‘In and Around Iver’.

What Can You Do To Help?

We need funds. Please pay the £5 annual subscription.

· Online: go to our website and click on ‘online subscriptions’

· Cash or Cheque (payable to Richings Park Residents’ Association): in an envelope with your name, house number and road. Hand it in at Costcutter or give it to your Road Steward (see Noticeboard).

· Volunteer to join the Events Team or the Gardening Team.

Grass Verges/Dog Fouling

Please help keep our distinctive grass verges neat and tidy. Do not allow them to be destroyed by poor parking. Please do not let your dog foul our verges; it is a health hazard which is both unsightly and upsetting. Use the dog bins: junction of Syke Ings/Syke Cluan and in the Poynings. Or take your poo bag home and put it in your rubbish bin.

Local Shops

We need our local shops. Please use them (or lose them) especially our chemist and the post office within Costcutter.


We monitor all planning applications and object on behalf of residents wherever necessary. Bucks County planning applications may be viewed online (see Information Point below). Two major concerns we are engaged with are the closure of Hollow Hill Lane due to WRAtH and the incursion of Slough into the fields of North Park.

Information Point

For further information on how to report problems please see our councils’ contact list on the Residents’ Association Noticeboard.

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