Temporary parking controls Richings Park

30 January 2020 - Transport for Bucks has suspended parking at key road junctions in Richings Park to promote pedestrian and driver safety. This is a reinforcement of Highway Code Rule 243 which says that you must not park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space - about the length of two parked cars. In Bathurst Walk, opposite Costcutter, there is an additional 15m stretch where parking has been suspended to alleviate traffic congestion in the village. Locations are given below. The suspensions have been implemented for 6 months in advance of the permanent parking scheme that will come into effect when the new car park is opened, which is anticipated late 2020.

18 January 2020 - Following the recent parking review there are new parking signs and lines planned for Richings Park, Monday to Friday.  These new permanent parking controls will be introduced at the same time as the new car park opens in Thorney Lane South - this is to avoid driving away potential customers from the new car park if the scheme were to be implemented too early.  Unfortunately the build of the car park has been delayed, with no firm date available at the moment, although we are anticipating late 2020.  Transport for Bucks (TfB) is unable to implement the full parking scheme any sooner as it has been funded by the car park developer, who has stipulated that the scheme be implemented to coincide with the opening of the car park.  However, Iver Parish Council and Richings Park Residents Association have negotiated a short term deal with TfB to implement temporary parking suspensions at some limited locations to help reduce the parking problems.  This will be short term and whilst we would prefer the whole scheme to be implemented now, the aim of these temporary controls is to alleviate traffic bottlenecks and promote pedestrian safety in some parking hotspots:

  • on the junction of Syke Cluan and Bathurst Walk;

  • on the junction of Syke Ings and Bathurst Walk;

  • on the Bathurst Walk and Wellesley Avenue crossroads;

  • on the north side of Bathurst Walk opposite Costcutter (a short stretch between Wellesley Avenue and Thorney Lane South);

  • on the junction of Bathurst Walk and Thorney Lane South; and

  • on the junction of Wellesley Avenue and Somerset Way.

The temporary parking suspensions will be implemented by the end of January and will be enforced by Transport for Buckinghamshire.


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