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Richings Park Events Team 

Richings Park Events Team is a spirited team of residents created and dedicated to building the community through their love of socialising - their common purpose being to make Richings Park a more enjoyable and valued place to live:


  • Creating regular opportunities for the community to meet and make connections in the local area.

  • Communities are inclusive and built on relationships: families, adults, old, young, everyone!

  • Arranging events for the whole community with ongoing fundraising as the thread that brings us together.

  • Creating a surplus of funds to help increase event opportunities – where some are paid for, and others are subsidised.

  • Working as part of the Richings Park Residents Association.


What have we been doing since 2017?

We have a dedicated team for this Centenary year who have been planning events since the Summer of 2022. 

This team has already organised and carried out the Centenary Launch exhibition on the 4th of November 2022 about the early days of Richings Park where the Sykes brothers had the vision to create a new community. This exhibition was opened by the Lord High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and was an invitee audience only for people who are long-term residents or have made a substantive contribution to life in Rchings Park. 

The Murder Mystery night on the 18th of November 2022 with the Richings Players performing the murder was a great success. 

The Open House on Sunday 22nd January 2023 at the Sports Park was an opportunity for residents to come and see the Centenary exhibition and meet a Dalek. These were built in a warehouse on Bathurst Walk in the 70s. This was a really successful event with lots of residents attending and some taking advantage of a £10 Sunday lunch

Lots of other information will be available to see in the form of posters, maps, memorabilia, and booklets. 

The Big Fat Centenary quiz has been postponed due to a lack of ticket sales, we hope we can put it on again this year.  

Further events can be found on the Coming Events page and will be publicised locally. 

Previous and ongoing events 

Richings Pints is an ongoing event and takes place either at the Sports Club or the Tower arms.

Fireworks Night - unfortunately a victim of its own success (1000 plus people attending and Health and Safety concerns) and following the redevelopment of the clubhouse and grounds it is no longer possible to hold this event.

There has been a  Bollywood Hollywood Gala Dinner, Fright Night in the Park, Summer fete, Back to the 80s Dinner & Dance, Children’s Movie afternoon at Pinewood Studios, Book Clubs, Richings Christmas, Cycling Group, Curry nights, Prosecco Crew nights out to name a few...with live entertainment, good food, and drink, auctions, raffles, competitions, make these events a fun experience for all.

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