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Parking Restrictions - FAQ

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The Richings Park Controlled Parking Zone came into effect on 5th July 2022.

Below are some frequently asked questions which may help;

Q. I can park my household’s cars easily in my drive. Why do I need a parking permit?

A. You don’t. Parking permits are only required for households who need to park their cars on the road, within the restriction time. If you do not need to park on the road this scheme does not affect you.

Q. What happens if I have a visitor or workmen visiting?

A. You can purchase a day pass on-line for their vehicle. A book of 10 permits costs £12.

Q. Parking Permits are just a cash-grab by Bucks CC

A. The revenue from permits and fines is used to pay for enforcement. The enforcement officer who will patrol the area will also add an extra layer of security to Richings Park, ensuring no suspicious vehicles loiter around the area.

Q. Permits are very expensive.

A. A single permit for one car is £55 for a year, a second car costs £70 and a third car costs. £90.

This price is fixed across all areas in Bucks CC.

Q. Why not just create a CPZ in the immediate area around the shops?

A. Experience shows that people will walk up to 15 minutes from where they park their cars to a station, if it is free to park. Therefore, we need all roads to participate in the scheme.

Q. Will I need a permit to park when visiting the shops?

A. No. There will be parking bays allowing up to 2 hours for shoppers/customers. Feedback from local businesses is that they are struggling due to the lack of parking for customers, especially for those who are elderly and disabled.

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