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Richings Park in 1922, plans and proposals 


Residents' Asociation 

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Come and join us on Saturday the 1st April at the Residents Garden - opposite the shops on Bathurst Walk to collect the litter that spoils our area.
We provide bags and litter pickers (bring your own gloves )
It is a competition between RP, Iver and Iver Heath to see who can pick up the most litter and the most unusual find! 
We will allocate streets or you can do your own road. 
Meet at 3.00pm at the Swan pub afterwards
for prizes and sandwich lunch.

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Please click on the image left to bring up a link to a flip book of the exhibition. 

Click on the brochures for flip books of those. 

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Coming soon - a new web page with all the Centenary exhibition boards.

The Iver Environmental Centre has events in March - see the Local information tab for more info 

Working together for our community

Who are we?

A group of proud residents, who love where we live and volunteer our time for the betterment of the Richings Park and Thorney communities.


We are a committee of volunteers who all live in Richings Park. We have a chairman elected from within the committee, and we meet monthly, championing all things Richings Park and Thorney. Each committee member is responsible for a road in Richings Park, enabling us to deliver information and newsletters informing you of what is going on and important news.

We encourage each road to have a What's App group in case urgent information is needed to be shared quickly.

Please contact us on the contact form below to be added to your road group.

You can find a list of the committee members in another tab on the website.

We have two Parish Councillors and a Bucks Council Councillor on our committee, enabling us to have local information, planning, and development issues, etc. shared monthly.

Minutes of our meetings are on a tab on the website and residents are welcomed at the beginning of every meeting to raise issues or discuss local plans and concerns about the community and use of the Green Belt. 


What do we do?

We promote the welfare and interests of our community and, where appropriate, combine our efforts with other bodies for the benefit of our residents.

Protect    We live close to London, Slough, and Heathrow and benefit from being close to major transport infrastructure.

This means we face many threats to the tranquility, quality of life, and character of Richings Park that our community wishes to preserve. With the increase in developments, commerce, and at the moment, plans to build a number of Data Centres in the area it is important that we have a strong collective voice.

Coordinate    We work with other bodies to make sure the best interests of our community are promoted. Two of our committee members regularly attend Heathrow committees and members of the committee are also active in sub-committees concerning lorry movements, air quality etc. 

Drive Community Spirit We aim to promote what is going on within our community. Having a connected village is important for driving initiatives and maintaining our community spirit.

Link to our constitution.

When do we meet?

The Committee meets every month to address issues and act as a voice for the local community.  The first 20 minutes of each committee meeting are open to all residents to raise any concerns.

Our meetings are held at Richings Sports Club at 7:30pm. 

                                          Our next committee meeting is on Thursday March 30th  2023

How do I get involved?

We always need help and support – we are all volunteers! This can be a little or a lot, as many hands make the area a better place to live. Please, please get in touch!

We are looking for a road steward for Bathurst Walk East - the part from the shops to Thorney Lane South. Please use the contact page to let us know


We are funded through the residents of Richings Park and Thorney. We ask for the equivalent of only 10p a week  to support the association – this is then reinvested back into the community to support initiatives, events and the upkeep of community spaces.  Some examples of what we have successfully achieved in recent times include:

  • Raising funds to build a children's playground at the Richings Park Sports Club;

  • A defibrillator for the village centre (outside the now closed fish and chip shop)

  • Organising events, such as #RichingsChristmas,  Centenary events etc.

  • Funding litter picking equipment for #RichingsSparkle carried out by resident volunteers

When and how do I become a member?

Due?                Annual subs are due in April every year

How much?     £5 per house per year 

Pay?                 Cheque or cash in the envelopes provided.

                          Please give to either your Road Steward or drop at our local Costcutter

Pay online:       

Support our lottery

Each £5 paid makes an essential contribution to the hard and voluntary

work the Residents’ Association undertakes on your behalf.

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Contact Us

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you shortly.

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