Thorney Business Park Redevelopment

16 October 2020 update: Consultation website now live: link. Residents can request paper copies of the proposals and the feedback form, if required, from Adam (07711 262 925 or at SP Broadway, who have been appointed by Thorney Lane LLP to assist with the consultation on these proposals.

4 October 2020: Thorney Lane LLP will be conducting an online consultation about their proposed plans for redevelopment of the Thorney Business Park. They are proposing 1,000 homes and commercial business space. The original proposal was called Richings Park North Garden Village and the concept was about creating a village, but that has all gone from the current proposal. Instead, the developer has completely changed the plans and wants to keep some of the current HGV operations; build some massive warehouses (which means more HGVs); as well as building 10-storey blocks of flats and a large hotel commercial complex. There are now no community provisions, such as the promised health centre or school; nor will there be any enhancement of our existing village. This is not something we should be supporting as we will gain no community benefit and will be negatively impacted by the increased traffic, especially HGVs. Plus, there will be additional pressures on our existing fragile public services. Please respond to the consultation when it is launched on 14 October. Further details here.

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